Blood Grouping and Transfusion: Significance and Challenges

It would be hard to imagine any test or Diagnosis of any ailment done in today’s world without knowing the Blood group of the patient. Blood typing has become an integral part of the current diagnostic protocol and forms the backbone of any pre-surgical tests. Today, the human blood group system comprises 38 distinct blood […]

Leptospirosis in India: Understanding the epidemiology and diagnosis of a silent epidemic

Leptospirosis is a zoonotic disease more prevalent in countries associated with poor sanitation and hygiene. It is a highly communicable disease of the tropical world passing on from the animals (primarily rodents and bovines), which are the reservoirs of the pathogen, to humans. The disease is caused by bacteria, specifically a Spirochaete, which was later […]

The World of Antibodies: How do they shape up Diagnosis for COVID?

The last decade exposed humankind to various viral infections like SARS, MERS, Ebola, and now COVID-19. While some of them developed antibodies against the infections, there are still many people who have not been exposed to these infections and are potentially at high risk of getting infected. Not only that, the biggest concern lies if […]

Diagnosis Of COVID-19: Mutations And Post-Vaccination Review

Humanity has never been brought to a standstill as the COVID-19 pandemic has done. What started as a pandemic from a small market in Wuhan in China spread in no time to the entire world, barely leaving any pocket non-infected. Since the pandemic started, the race was to understand the pathogenicity of the proteins and […]

Immune response to infections and aftermath: Role of CRP

Inflammation can occur with any infection or wound in the body, and healing is important to understand the recovery stage. Hence, C-reactive protein (CRP) comes in handy as the efficient blood marker test. The CRP is released from the liver, and its concentration in the blood measures its level. Since the CRP level rises with […]

Scrub Typhus: Chiggers and Silent Transmission in Tropics

Also known as, Japanese river associated with jungle mite or chigger, termed ‘tsutsugamushi’ in Japanese. (tsutsuga= disease, harm, noxious and mushi= bug) Scrub Typhus is a zoonosis, with humans being accidental, dead end hosts. It’s a mite borne Gram negative bacteria Orientia tsutsugamushi of the family Rickettsiaceae. Scrub typhus spreads to people through bites or […]

Celiac in India: Masquerading with Malnutrition

Good Nutrition (more specifically a Balanced Diet) is integral for a healthy community and the well-being of all in a family, especially children. Malnutrition has no boundaries and has grasped all the continents for centuries.Plagued by social, economic and political events the issue of Malnutrition spiked in the 20th century. It became more chronic in […]

Celiac and Diabetes: Myriad challenges in the frontier

From ancient Greeks the known occurrence of Celiac Disease has been reported. The word Celiac refers to “Abdomen” and hence Celiac Disease as we know it today is the autoimmune disorder of the intestines caused by the consumption of Gluten.This is the same protein that is mostly found in grains like wheat, barley, rye and […]

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