July 28, 2021

Addressing Vitamin Deficiencies in COVID-19 Pandemic.

COVID-19 Pandemic

Lifestyle habitats and dietary routines play an essential role in the proper development and health of an individual. Unfortunately, a significant population of the country is still malnourished, with crucial components missing from the platter. Furthermore, India ranks second in the Global Diabetes index. In this kind of deadly manifestation, its’ imperative to address the deficiency of Vitamins.

The lower and weaker sections are more prevalent to Vitamin deficiencies. Changing lifestyle and increasing obesity has now coupled with the deficiencies to create havoc. Diabetes, Obesity, and Coronary artery Diseases make the complications more severe. The manifestations rise with improper diet and deficiencies of nutrients, including Vitamins. The most chronic conditions result in Stunted growth, inappropriate physical and mental development. Hence, time and again, it’s recommended to have a proper lifestyle along with the intake of a good diet. Diseases like SARS, MERS, and COVID have reduced immunity and increased complications. Long-term recovery in these patients is a considerable challenge, and early diagnosis of vitamin deficiencies is paramount.

In periodic check-ups, levels of nutrients and malnutrition get checked. This is mainly for senior citizens, pregnant women, and children. The idea is to expand that gambit for all the immune-compromised patients. This is the practice followed at regular intervals. Scientists do advocate the use of supplements to reduce deficiencies.

J Mitra & Co. is a pioneer in rapid and reliable diagnostic solutions for the last five decades. It’s the first Indian company to introduce ELISA kits for Vitamin-D and Vitamin-B12. ELISA kits for Vitamin-D and Vitamin-B12 have been the trendsetter for the market. Their performance has challenged the higher platforms even for transient infections. Besides, the company has introduced FIA testing for vector-borne diseases. Moreover, it has developed (in collaboration with IIT, Madras) Vitamin-D Quanti Card. These kits are at par with PCR tests.

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