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What is the Most Accurate Test for COVID-19?

COVID-19 COVID-19 is a severe respiratory disease caused by SARS CoV-2 and is mainly transmitted through the spread of respiratory droplets of an infected person during coughing, talking, or sneezing COVID-19 can cause severe illness leading to death.

Need for Antibody testing in post-vaccination scenario

Antibody testing for COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has brought humankind to a stop. COVID-19 has opened new spectrums of infection and virus-host interactions. The second wave hit the country when the vaccination program was already in motion. The population consists of individuals with single, double, or no jab at all. The government has started the […]

Diagnostic approaches and challenges in COVID-19

Diagnostic approaches At the beginning of the pandemic, COVID-19 felt like SARS and MERS. In the pre-existing models, the diagnostic approach was included. However, with the severity of the infection and evolution of novel Coronavirus, it was evident that this infection would need a newer and tactical diagnosis. The impact of the disease, paucity of […]

Neutralizing Antibodies: among the cocktail of Antibodies?

The severity of the viral infection depends on many factors. Virulence of antigens, the collapse of the immune system, and the production of antibodies are factors. Delay in the production of antibodies due to prolonged antigenic phase can lead to complications. The antibodies are specific to different antigens and bind to particular receptors. Therefore, the […]

Antigen Testing in ELISA: A Specific Test At A Precise Time

Antigen Testing in ELISA Unlike any other viral infection, COVID-19 brought in its own set of challenges. The virulence, pathogenicity of the antigens was unknown. Although a member of the Coronavirus family, SARS-CoV-2 was novel in every form of the infection. The last decade saw pandemics from this family of viruses but never had the […]

Rapid Antigen Test for COVID-19: Evolution and Significance

SARS-CoV-2 uniquely causes infection. It manifests lately in the respiratory system and then brings about a total collapse of the immune response. One strain of the virus caused the first wave of COVID-19 infection. The mortality was although relatively low in the first wave. The overlapping symptoms of COVID-19 with other respiratory diseases posed a […]

Why are Neutralizing Antibodies for COVID-19 Diagnosis?

COVID-19 COVID-19 pandemic has opened the frontiers of viral pathogenicity to the next level. In 2020, the first wave of COVID-19 infection carried only one strain. The COVID-19 severity thus is contained timely. The second wave hit hard in February of 2021, with many strains infecting in a whole spree. There were local as well […]

COVID-19 Neutralization Test

COVID-19 Neutralization Test Key Highlights : Scientists discovered Neutralization antibodies in May 2020 and a possible indicator for treatment and diagnostic target. One of the excellent outcomes of the pandemic has been COVID-19 Neutralizing antibodies (NAbs). B cells in the human body produce these NAB.NAB’s primary function is to stop infections by eliminating the invading […]