December 2, 2021

How Accurate is Tri Dot Testing?

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), the primary agent of AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome) attacks our immune system and is transmitted through infected blood from person to person.

Hepatitis C Virus causes Hepatitis, liver infection and can lead to death if not diagnosed and treated on time.
In individuals infected with HIV or HCV, Testing is performed using screening tests, and samples found reactive in these tests are confirmed for their status by confirmatory tests like Western blot &/or RT PCR.

Accuracy Of Tri Dot Testing

The accuracy of in-vitro diagnostic test kits is based on two parameters; sensitivity with true positive samples and early seroconversion panels and specificity with true negative samples and cross-reacting samples. The use of Flow-Through Technology in the TRI DOT tests further enhances the sensitivity and specificity of the diagnostic tests as compared to commercially available lateral flow tests.

HIV TRI DOT is the rapid visual test for the differential detection of HIV-1 & HIV-2 antibodies in Human serum /Plasma. The product is standardized using envelope antigens against HIV-1 & HIV-2. The antibodies against envelope antigens are developed first and remain throughout the infection, thus ensuring the detection of HIV infection in the seroconversion stage of the infection.

HCV TRI DOT is a 4th generation, rapid visual test for HCV antibodies in Human serum /Plasma. Since the product is developed and designed with increased sensitivity for core and NS3 antibodies using a unique combination of modified HCV antigens; Core, NS3, NS4 & NS5, the accuracy in test results is ensured concerning sensitivity and specificity.

The product performance of both HIV TRI DOT & HCV TRI DOT has been evaluated using seroconversion panels and low antibody titer panels by WHO with 100% Sensitivity & Specificity (HIV) & 98.9%(HCV). In addition, the products have also been evaluated by various Govt. referral institutes /centers against CLIA /ELISA as reference methods and are approved for use in Blood banks.

Hence go ahead with HIV & HCV testing with TRI DOT and be confident for the accuracy of test results.