February 1, 2022



Western blot, is known as immunoblot, is a technique used for protein detection from a mixture of proteins and has its application in immunology, molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell biology fields.

Western blotting is used for the confirmatory medical diagnosis of various infectious diseases and, to name a few, HIV, Bovine spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), Hepatitis C (HCV), Syphilis, and Autoimmune disorders.

As per WHO guidelines, this technique has been widely used as a more specific & supplemental assay on samples found initially reactive using ELISA and other screening tests for HIV. Western Blot test is a confirmatory test to detect HIV-1 and HIV-2. The HIV-1 viral antigens, envelope, core, and Polymerase are separated by gel electrophoresis electrically transferred to a nitrocellulose membrane strip. Each strip also has an internal serum inbuilt quality control band. Western Blot test is performed on the rotatory shaker, and test results are obtained within 5 hours to 24 hours depending on the sample incubation chosen for testing. Though no specific infrastructure is required for western blot, this test is performed by particular labs.
HIV, the causative agent of AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), has always been of significant concern as it attacks our immune system, and no vaccine for HIV is available to date. HIV Testing is performed using screening test; Rapid /ELISA and samples found reactive in these tests are confirmed for their status by confirmatory test; a Western blot or RT PCR.

The test is simple and can be performed in small setup labs as only a rotary shaker is required to perform the test. Furthermore, the results can be obtained within 3-4 hours, and hence reporting of patient results is fast.

J Mitra & Co. offers HIV 1& 2 Western Blot (Confirmatory test kit ) to diagnose HIV in Human serum /plasma. It is the only Indian company manufacturing confirmatory tests for HIV antibodies.

The indigenously developed product has a user-friendly test procedure with excellent sensitivity (100%), specificity (100%), and reliability in test results.

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