January 14, 2022

An ELISA Reader & Washer – A Beginners Guide to Buying

The ELISA Reader is an integral part of most mid-size laboratory systems today. ELISA tests cover a broad spectrum of tests from Infectious to Vector-Borne to Wellness related diseases. This instrument is a microprocessor-controlled, general purpose photometer system designed to read and calculate the result of assays, which are read in a microtiter plate. Hence the alternate name Microplate Reader. The ELISA Washer or Microplate washer is designed to wash the microwells as a part of the ELISA testing process. The performance of the ELISA test kits and reliability in their test results depend heavily on a good quality ELISA Reader and washer being used for performing the ELISA tests.

ELISA Reader & Washer

The ELISA Readers & Washers available are of varied specifications with a wide variety of accessories. Therefore, one must be wise enough to choose the appropriate Elisa Reader and Washer that meets current and future needs.

This article will provide an extensive guide to users looking to purchase and install an ELISA reader/washer in their Hospital / Laboratory. One should consider the following parameters:

1) The Reader and washer shall be appropriate for the intended use/application (measuring range of the tests)
2) Should have Touch panel for easy operation, incubator & Thermal printer
3) Multiple calculation modes and extensive memory for storing patient data with PC interface.
4) Low maintenance or operating costs with easy availability of accessories.
5) Availability of Technical assistance from the manufacturer
6) Prompt Service and support in terms of AMC/CMC and Quick Turnaround time for Service/Repairs.

J Mitra & Co. offers ELISA Reader & ELISA Washer having product specifications as per customer requirement and are as follows:

ELISA Reader : Measuring Range: 0.0 – 4.0000 Abs ,Accuracy: ± 1.0% , USB port, SD card slot , RS-232 & RJ45 interface, Touch screen display. Easily programmable for Qualitative and Quantitative tests, Includes 4PL Method for Quantitative tests, In-built thermal printer ( Additional printing option of attaching external printer), Storage Capacity of 1,000 patient data or 10,000 sample records, HIS & LIS compatible with application support and Auto back up in case of a power outage

ELISA Washer
: In-built incubator adjustable to the required temperature (250 C, 300C& 370C).
Provision for 2 ELISA PLATES (96T) incubation at a time, Residual volume <1 µl, Inbuilt shaker, 100 Washing protocols, and auto rinsing of tubes/probes to avoid any cross-contamination.

The adage – Accurate diagnosis leads to effective treatment. The ELISA Reader & Washer are integral to a good diagnosis and provide an invaluable service to the diagnostician. Making the right choice is critical, and the user would do well to consider the points mentioned above while purchasing their ELISA reader / Washer.