Vitamin D Quanti Microlisa

Kit Type: Vitamin D Test Kit (ELISA)
Sensitivity & Specificity: Excellent
Linearity Range: 2.57 – 130 ng/ml
Long Shelf Life: 18 Months at 2-8°C

Intended Use

Vitamin D Quanti Microlisa is designed for in-vitro quantitative determination of vitamin D (total) in human serum.

Salient Features

  • Principle : Based on competitive immunoassay
  • Quantitative detection of 25 –OH Vitamin-D2 & D3.
  • Excellent sensitivity & specificity.
  • Slandered are calibrated against international slandered reference NIST-SRM 972a.
  • Linearity Range: 2.57 – 130 ng/ml.
  • Analytical Sensitivity: 2.57 ng/ml
  • Breakaway microwell strips.
  • Color coded reagents to monitor procedural steps.
  • Assay procedure: 90 mins.
  • Prompt service back-up
  • Long shelf life: 18 Months at 2-8°C.
  • Convenient pack size: 96 tests.


Vitamin D Quanti Microlisa is an enzyme immuno assay based on delayed competitive ELISA. First samples are incubated with assay diluent to release vitamin-D from binding protein in the sample. Vitamin D biotin conjugate is added in the microwells.

During incubation endogenous 25-OH vitamin D of a sample competes with a 25-OH vitamin D3-biotin conjugate for binding of the anti-vitamin D antibodies immobilized on the plate (this delayed competition increases the sensitivity for low concentration vitamin-D samples). Incubation is followed by a washing step to remove unbound components. During a second incubation, binding of 25-OH vitamin D-Biotin is detected by enzyme conjugate (peroxidase labelled streptavidin). Washing is followed. In the third incubation color reaction is started by addition of substrate and stopped after a defined time. The color intensity is inversely proportional to the concentration of 25-OH vitamin D in the sample.

Ordering Information

Product Name Pack Size Catalog No.
Vitamin D Quanti Microlisa 96 Tests IR290096

Performance Characteristics (Internal Evaluation) Of Vitamin D Quanti Microlisa Test

  1. Accuracy : The kit has been tested in comparison using clinical samples commercially available reference tests ; LC/MS-MS and NIST REFERENCE STANDARDS .The Accuracy co-efficient is > 0.970
  2. Precision :
    1. The test results are repeatable in Within run precision testing with CV <10%.
    2. The test results are reproducible in between run precision testing with CV <10%.

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