Kit Type: Scrub Typhus ELISA Test Kit
Sensitivity&Specificity: 100% (External Evaluation)
Shelf Life:24 Months at 2-8°C
Principle: Based on “Indirect ELISA”

Intended Use

Scrub Typhus IgM Microlisa is designed for in vitro qualitativedetection of Scrub Typhus IgM antibodies in human serum or plasma and is used as a screening test fortesting of collected blood samples suspected for Scrub Typhus Positive.

Salient Features

  • Qualitative Detection ofScrub Typhus IgM antibodies in Human Serum/Plasma
  • Principle: Based on“Indirect ELISA”.
  • Breakaway microwell strips.
  • Color coded reagents tomonitor procedural steps.
  • Assay procedure : 75minutes.
  • Longer shelf life : 24 Months at 2-8°C
  • Pack size: 96 Test.
  • Sensitivity&Specificity: 100% (External Evaluation)
  • Breakaway Microwells provided in 24 test pack
  • Prompt service back-up


Scrub Typhus IgM Microlisa test is an enzyme immunoassay based on“Indirect ELISA”. Recombinant protein representing immunodominant epitopes of Scrub Typhusare coated onto microtiter wells. Specimens and controls are added to the microtiterwells and incubated. IgM antibodies to Scrub Typhus if present in the specimen, will bind tothe specific Scrub Typhus antigen absorbed onto the surface of the wells. The plate is thenwashed to remove unbound material. Horseradish peroxidase (HRP) conjugated Anti-Human IgMis added to each well.

This conjugate will bind Scrub Typhus antigen-antibody complexpresent. Finally substrate solution containing chromogen and hydrogen peroxide is added to thewells and incubated. A blue color will develop in proportion to the amount of Scrub Typhus IgMantibodies present in the specimen. The color reaction is stopped by a stop solution. Theenzyme substrate reactionis read by EIA reader for absorbance at a wavelength of 450 nm. If thesample does not contain Scrub Typhus IgM antibodies then enzyme conjugate will not bind and thesolution in the wells will be either colorless or only a faint background color develops.

Ordering Information

Product Name Pack Size Catalog No.
Scrub Typhus IgM Microlisa 96 Tests IR099096

Performance Characteristics (In House Evaluation) Of Scrub Typhus IgM Microlisa

No. of Samples Status Lepto IgM Microlisa
Positive Equivocal Negative
20 Scrub Typhus Positive 20 0 1
70 Scrub Typhus Negative 1 0 69

Sensitivity: 100%
Specificity: 98.58%

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