Kit Type: HIV Western Blot Test Kit
Sensitivity & Specificity: 100%
Procedure: Simple & User Friendly
Feature: Individual Test Run Possible

Intended Use

HIV 1& 2 WESTERN BLOT is an in vitro qualitative immunoassay for the detection of anti bodies to HIV-1 & HIV-2 in human serum/plasma. It is intended to be used as a more specific & supplemental assay on samples found initially reactive using ELISA and other screening tests.

Salient Features

  • Simple & user friendly test procedure
  • 100% Sensitivity & 100% Specificity
  • Confirmatory test for detection of Antibodies to HIV-1 & indicative for HIV-2 antibodies
  • Easy interpretation of results through clear test bands & band monitor scale
  • Individual test run possible, separate disposable trays for each strip provided
  • Convenient pack size: 5 Tests & 25 Tests.


The HIV 1&2 Western Blot is manufactured from HIV-1 cell line. The HIV-1 viral antigens are purified and then separated by SDS gel electrophoresis. SDS denatures viral components and yields proteins which migrate in the gel according to their molecular weight to produce various bands. Low molecular weight components migrate faster and are found at the bottom of the gel, while high molecular weight proteins remain near the top. They are then transferred from SDS-PAGE gel on to nitrocellulose membrane, which is also impregnated with HIV-2 antigen(gp36) and a control band. The membrane is cut and packaged as strips. To perform the assay, the strip is incubated with the patient serum/plasma diluted in a buffer. Antibodies to HIV- 1 & 2 if present, bind to viral antigens located on the strip. Unbound material is washed off and then the strip is incubated with anti-human IgG conjugated to alkaline phosphatase (AP). After washing the unbound conjugate, substrate (BCIP/NBT) is added which results in the staining of bands.

If antibodies to HIV-1 antigens are present in the sera, any two ENVELOPE with one or more of the following bands will be seen: p17, p24, p31, gp41, p51/p55, p66, gp120 & gpl60. If antibodies to HIV-2 antigens are present, HIV-2 band is also observed along with some of the other bands. If HIV specific antibodies are not present, the band pattern does not meet the required criteria.

Ordering Information

Product Name Pack Size Catalog No.
HIV 1&2 Western Blot 5 Tests IR133005
25 Tests IR133025


  • NICD DELHI: Evaluation Report from National Institute of Communicable Diseases claiming 100 % Sensitivity & 100 % Specificity
  • IJMM: Evaluation study by Indian journal of Medical Microbiology claimed 100 % Sensitivity & 100 % Specificity of HIV Western Blot.
  • NIMHANS-BANGALORE- NIMHANS BANGALORE: Evaluation report from National HIV Reference Laboratories of Government of India, claiming Sensitivity and Specificity of HIV 1 & 2 Western Blot to be 100 %.
  • VIROLOGY LABORATORY, CANCER RESEARCH INSTITUTE-MUMBAI: 250 Coded sera originating from five different national institutes (NICB-Delhi, PGIMER-Chandigarh, CMC-Vellore, NARI-Pune, NICED-Kolkata) as sent by Dept. of Biotechnology (DBT),Govt. of India, New Delhi was evaluated at Cancer Research Centre-Mumbai. Results were compared with those obtained by the source Institutes and the sensitivity & specificity were evaluated. The result showed 100 % Sensitivity & 100 % Specificity.

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