Test Kit Type: D Dimer Test Kit (ELISA)
Analytical Sensitivity: 25 ng/ml
Total Test Time: 55 Minutes
Shelf life: 15 Month at 2-8°C

Intended Use

D-Dimer Microlisa is designed for in-vitro quantitative determination of D-Dimer in human plasma.

Salient Features

Microwell ELISA Immunoassay for the Quantitative Detection of D-Dimer in Human Plasma

  • Based on Sandwich ELISA principle.
  • Ready to use Enzyme conjugate.
  • Measuring Range: 25 ng/ml to 10000 ng/ml.
  • Analytical Sensitivity 25 ng/ml
  • Total Test Time :55 minutes.
  • Shelf life :15 month at 2-8°C
  • Breakaway Microwells provided in 24 test pack.
  • Colour coded reagents to monitor procedural steps.
  • Convenient pack size: 96 Test.


D-Dimer Microlisa test is an enzyme immunoassay based on sandwich ELISA. Anti-D-Dimer antibodies has been coated onto the wells of the microwell plate provided. Plasma sample including standards are pipetted into these wells.

During the first incubation, human D-Dimer antigen from samples and coated antibody is react and after washing the enzyme conjugate (anti-D-Dimer antibody HRPO) is added after incubation and washing to remove all the unbounded enzyme conjugate. A substrate solution which acts on the bound enzyme is added to induce a coloured reaction product. The intensity of this coloured product is directly proportional to the concentration of D-Dimer present in the samples.

Ordering Information

Product Name Pack Size Catalog No.
D-DIMER Microlisa 96 Tests IR005096

Performance Characteristics (Internal Evaluation) Of D-Dimer Microlisa Test

  1. Accuracy : The kit has been tested using 25 clinical samples in comparison with commercially available reference immunoassay test kits and the Accuracy co-efficient is 0.995.
  2. Precision
    A) The test results are repeatable in within run precision testing with CV <10%.
    B) The test results are reproducible in between run precision testing with CV <15%.

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