Protein Concentration: 22% ± 1%

Intended Use

Bovine Albumin is primarily used to enhance the reactivity of blood grouping antibodies, either in direct agglutination tests or indirect anti-globulin test which can be qualitatively used in antibody detection, identification, titration and control of Rh typing.


Bovine albumin is frequently used as a control for Rh typing. Every blood specimen tested by the slide, stick or modified tube method should be controlled by testing simultaneously with a medium such as Bovine Albumin. Since cells coated with an auto-agglutinin or suspended in serum having a protein abnormality may give a false positive result in Rh typing.


Bovine Albumin is stable at 2-8°C for 24 months.

Ordering Information

Product Name Pack Size Catalog No.
Bovine Albumin 5 ml BR070005
10 ml BR070010

Performance Characteristics

Protein Concentration 22% ± 1%
Reaction with sensitized O+ cells Agglutination should be observed
Reaction with unsensitized / Rh-ve cells after incubation with IgG No Agglutination should be observed

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