Working at J Mitra & Company Pvt. Ltd.

At J Mitra & Company you can build your career as a successful leader with great learnings & experiences. Our company is one of the best company in IVD kits manufacturing industries and produces products with high quality standards meeting all statutory and regulatory guidelines.

Our company is research based company and all phases of the product development e.g designing, development, optimisation and validation are done in house in our R&D department by our highly qualified & skilled research associates. We keep on doing continual improvement in our systems & policies as per requirement. We always do all verification and validations of our product before doing commercialisation for human use.
Corporate systems at J Mitra are developed and established based on the six decades experience in diagnostic kits manufacturing industries. We provide systematic working culture to all employees; all processes are well defined and employees follow pre-defined written procedures, perform their job responsibilities as per company vision and become part in company’s growth.
We have transparent working culture at J Mitra & Company, Our employees always remain transparent while following the systems. This transparency in the work culture and transparent approach of our employee leaders encourages motivation level of all team members. .
We train and provide opportunity to every employee to become a contributing member in his department. Employees feel appreciates and derives intangible benefits such as feelings of self-worth & happiness. This provides stimulation, a sense of achievement and intellectual learning among all employees.
We made six decades successful journey because of our dedicated, enthusiastic and talented people. We always hire people who are ready to take challenges, have respect for systems, work professionally and consider any problem or issue as an opportunity to grow further. We have always rewarded deserving and performing employees adequately time to time during our six decades journey and to always give them a feel that company’s growth is their growth.
At J Mitra & company, we train all employees on all policies, procedures and systems as per ISO & GMP guidelines. Individual development programme, annual training programme, inhouse/outside training by internal and external trained faculty gives ample of opportunities to all employees to sharpen their knowledge and skills. We encourage everyone to ask questions while imparting training programme or sharing any new idea/concept which may be further reviewed and implemented to make the systems or procedures more robust. At last, J Mitra & company is a result oriented and successful company building career of all employees who worked or works for the it.

Recruitment Process

We believe that at J.Mitra, recognizing developing and building talent lies not only with the HR Team but a business responsibility as well.

The information filled up in the application form help us in understanding the candidate better and make our interaction during the interview more effective.
The interview consists of one or two rounds with HR, then with the functional/Reporting
Manager and finally with the Unit Head..
At this final stage, we take feedback about the candidate from at least two individuals
who would have known the candidate in a professional context.
At J.Mitra & Co. Pvt. Ltd., employees are recognized with needs and aspirations. The company conducts various programs to their staff in the latest and the best technology and practices. This helps to develop the true potential of an employee.
J.Mitra is mainly involved in the business of preserving Human life. We aim At taking the utmost care of our clients as well as our employees. GROUP focus is on creativity, fresh ideas backed by empowerment, delegation and calculated risk taking. Our Endeavour is to create an environment where talent can reach to its peak & to do so we strive to make the workplace a source of creativity & innovation. Working Pattern is "One dream, One Team.

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